Integral planning

Including all disciplines involved in the planning process, we determine the basics for the economic implementation of your ideas at the beginning of your construction project. This holistic approach has proven itself in practice in terms of planning quality, in order to effectively shape the life cycle of the building and to increase decision quality already within the first steps of the project.

Through our interdisciplinary team of architects and engineers, we bypass the first interface in-house and thus ensure an efficient planning process. In addition, we are able to identify interdependent planning decisions as early as possible and translate them into decision-making principles for the client.

Structural development

In addition to integral planning, we also offer structural and site development services, for example for industrial customers with multiple locations, retailers wishing to expand or commercial customers who want to change their properties. We are also happy to assist you with creation of room books and function programs.

Urban planning

The development of urban planning is also part of our range of services. We look at ecological, technical, economic, social and aesthetic content as well as the specific urban planning conditions for living and working, culture and leisure. For example, we develop concepts for areas to be revitalized with alternative opportunities for use.

design concepts realized

and implemented within the last 5 years

Design and visualization

Taking into account the essential requirements, we convert your ideas into an architectural design and show you different options to realize your vision. In addition to the planning documents, we are able to work out visualisations of your projects or, if necessary, also provide you with an architectural model of your project.

Building authority support

We would be happy to assist you in your communication with building authorities, always with the aim of implementing your building project in the fastest way possible.

Whether outline building application, request for change of use or a complete planning application support - our employees have many years of experience in communicating with public authorities and acquisition of building permits of any kind. We take over the processing of applications and the ongoing communication with public licensing authorities and the complement and adaptation of planning documents, descriptions and calculations according to the corresponding specifications.

Implementation planning

When the planning documents are approved by the building authority, we transfer them to implementation specifications, including detailed planning down to the smallest detail, if required. We are happy to coordinate with competent third parties according to your requirements when it comes to special solutions tailored to your needs. Third party plans are reviewed by us and integrated into the planning process.

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Construction supervision / monitoring

In construction supervision, we control processes that take place during the construction phase, thus enabling optimization in the construction process as well as in terms of costs and deadlines. We are happy to manage your construction site, including preparation and participation in awarding of the construction services. We supervise the contractors until the defect-free handover to the client / user and carry out proper approval with executing companies and competent authorities.

Property management

After your construction project is completed, we are happy to assist and take over, for example, the defect management within the warranty period (recording and evaluation of defects, communication with relevant specialist companies, monitoring the removal of defects) or return management of securities.