Introducing the management board

Michael Schnell
Executive management at Feldmann Architekten GmbH

Michael Schnell was born in Fulda in 1969. After his training as a machinist, he studied mechanical engineering with a focus on materials handling and steel construction from 1989-1993 at the University of Applied Sciences Gießen-Friedberg and found a career as a trainee at a steel construction company. On further professional stages in construction, for example as a construction manager, as a site planner in the retail trade or as a representative for a property developer, self-employment followed in 2006. Since then, there has been a collaboration between Michael Schnell and Felix Feldmann, who run the office together today.

Mr. Schnell, what do you think makes a good architecture firm?
- First, the focus on the design. For further processing: interdisciplinary thinking, to interpret all matters of specialist engineers in a way that ensures the implementation of the design as objected.

From your point of view, what is the appeal of the Mittelhessen region?
- I appreciate the geographical proximity to customers and companies with their exciting and versatile projects in and around the Gießen area. The Mittelhessen region has grown strongly in recent years and continues to offer enormous potential, also with regard to the contiguous Rhein-Main metropolitan area.

For which part of your job are you most enthusiastic?
- On the one hand, for developing technical execution details and, on the other hand, the structuring of construction processes.

How would you describe your work style?
- I have a strong will to find solutions, respect for every task and above that a structured, goal-oriented way of working. This guideline has developed parallel to my professional career. Following this principle I can accept any challenge and grow with it, and new challenges keep me moving ahead.

Felix Feldmann
Managing director of Feldmann Architekten GmbH

Felix Feldmann was born in Gießen in 1973. After graduating from high school, he studied Architecture at the Technical University of Darmstadt between 1992-1999 and afterwards joined his father’s architectural office. Shortly thereafter, a step towards self-employment and a further interdisciplinary study of real estate economics at the ebs Oestrich-Winkel took place. Felix Feldmann has been managing director of the office since 2001. In 2014, the transformation of the company into Feldmann Architekten GmbH took place.

Mr. Feldmann, when did you get in touch with the term architecture or construction?
- Since my father was an architect, I got to know the profession as a child: as a 5-year-old, I was allowed to accompany my father to customer appointments and on construction sites.

Which activity of your profession would you call a personal source of inspiration?
- The three-dimensional analysis within the design phase. This thinking and planning process is always special for me.

What is in your opinion the biggest challenge for your industry?
- Regarding the increasingly complex work environment, the biggest challenge for our industry is the quality assurance of the entire service chain.

What advice do you give to young people who apply to you?
- I recommend to get in touch with your inside: do you have the passion to make the profession of the architect, which is full of diversity and has a very wide spectrum, your vocation? When you are really passionate about something, there are no limits to the possible Outcome.

History of our office

The Gießen-based office of Feldmann Architekten exists since 1980. Since 2001, Felix Feldmann heads the office. The number of employees has grown steadily and currently includes approximately 50 employees, including  students, trainees and interns. In addition to architects, engineers and construction technicians, draftsmen and commercial employees are also part of the team. Furthermore, we support our customers in the areas of interior design, graphic design and visualization. 

Simultaneously with the expansion of our fields of activity, our office space grew from former 280 m² in Gießen's city center (2009) to currently more than 1.000 m² in the Gießen commercial area „Europaviertel“.

Employees in 2020

24 in design and development, 15 in construction management,
6 in back office, 3  in student assistance,
1 to graduate from an integrated degree programm und 1 trainee.


Our creation team consists of several architects, engineers and construction technicans and draftsmen with the widest range of tasks regarding design/draft and implementation planning. Undergraduate assistans as well as our apprentice are supporting our creation team.   

For an exemplary insight into the work as an architect at Feldmann Architekten, see an interview with a member of our creative team on our career page.


For execution-related topics, our construction and project management team offers many competent employees in charge of construction and project management. The team is supported by undergraduate assistants as well as our back office. A detailed insight into the day-to-day work of a project manager at Feldmann Architekten can be found on our career page.


The roots of our company are in Mittelhessen since the beginning oft he office’s history. Therefore, our aim is to support regional partners in the sports, cultural and social areas. Below you will find an overview of our current sponsoring partners.

Giessen 46ers - Classic Partner in the season 2018/2019 – The traditional club in the national basketball league was founded in 1846.

HSG Wetzlar - Silver Partner in the season 2018/2019 - The handball Bundesliga club from neighboring Wetzlar

FC Giessen - Silver Partner in the season 2018/2019 – emerged from SC Teutonia Watzenborn-Steinberg and VfB 1900 Gießen

Tour der Hoffnung - Charity cycling event to support children suffering from cancer and leukemia

Turnverein Großen-Linden – Gymnastics team of Großen-Linden

TSV Grünberg – Bender Baskets Grünberg’s women basketball team

FSG Stockhausen/Aßlar –Stockhausen/Aßlar’s 1st women handball team

Lotus Hilfsprogramme e.V. - Non-profit association for the promotion of social, medical and educational projects with a focus on the Philippines