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In our daily work we follow the concept of flat hierarchies and short decision paths. Within our interdisciplinary teams there is a lively exchange and close cooperation between the colleagues. This enables us to respond dynamically to the needs of our fast-moving industry.

Our familiar atmosphere is characterized by regular team events such as summer parties, barbecues on the company's own barbecue area or after-work-workouts in the office's gym. Furthermore, we offer our employees a performance-related salary, an opportunity for personal and professional development through challenging areas of responsibility and furthermore corporate support for various training opportunities.

We are always looking for energetic support to enrich our existing team. The corresponding job advertisements can be found on our german page

m² office space in Gießen

Our office is located in the Giessen industrial park "Europaviertel" and is easy to reach via direct connection to the motorway A5 (junction Fernwald). Parking your car is made easy with our own parking lot.

Work as an Architect at Feldmann Architekten

Dear Julia, since when are you part of the team of Feldmann Architekten?

I started working here in August of 2007. At that time the team consisted approximately of 14 employees. 

Where did you work or study before that?

I completed a draftsman training and then studied architecture at the University of Applied Sciences Koblenz - at that time still a diploma course. During my studies I worked as a draftsman. Before I came to Feldmann's office, I worked in two smaller architecture firms in the same region. I have been registered in the Chamber of Architects since 2015.

What is your role in the office of Feldmann Architekten?

So far I have worked in all phases of work as an architect. However, I enjoy being able to focus on design and implementation planning at the Feldmann office, which I enjoy the most and where my strengths lie. That's the beauty of our office size: we're like a football team and everyone can play in the position he's best suited for.

What is your day-to-day business in the office? Are there any specific programs you use?

My main activities are coordinating different project participants and develop joint planning. Therefore, I have a lot of office time at the desk and telephone, with writing e-mails, drawing plans with the CAD program Nemetschek Allplan and using common office applications. 

In order to profit from the diverse experiences of the Feldmann colleagues in a wide variety of construction projects, I am happy to consult with my colleagues within the office on a regular basis. This possibility for constructive exchange with colleagues is an aspect that I greatly appreciate at the Feldmann office.

How can we imagine your work routine outside of the office?

I attend many meetings. These are coordination meetings with builders, authorities, specialist planners and craftsmen. During the execution phase, these meetings take place in a construction container on the construction site on a weekly basis with all relevant participants of the project.

Which task is your favourite, being an architect?

I am still fascinated by the elaboration of floor plans, sections, views and open spaces in the field of tension of the various issues and issues that need to be considered. After the long and complex planning and building process it is always a great feeling to see the products of your own work on a scale of 1: 1.

Did you always plan to be an architect?

Since my grandfather and my father had a car business, I first wanted to go for a business education and study business administration. After 6 months of training, I realized that this will not make me happy. The desire to become an architect came from the memory that a child, I always liked to build huts with my sister, draw fantasy floor plans and build villages for smurfs. I grew up in an old city apartment in Marburg and loved all the big buildings around us. When a few of them were demolished, I was very concerned.

Why did you decide to work as an employed architect?

An employee relationship represents a certain security. Since I have family, being able to plan work and free time is a relevant topic for me aswell. On the other hand, it is also very important for me to be able to identify with my projects and to maintain my integrity.

The way Felix Feldmann processes and designs projects suits my ideas very well. Thus, I can arrange all matters in the Feldmann office that are important to me in terms of an employee relationship as an architect.

Work as a project manager at Feldmann Architekten

Dear Daniel, since when are you part of the team of Feldmann Architekten?

Since March 2006 I have been part of the team of Feldmann Architekten. At that time we were about 13 employees and our office space was located in the middle of Gießen.

Where did you work or study before that?

I worked in various offices in Gießen area as well as in Frankfurt am Main. Before that, I first completed a training as a draftsman in a civil engineering company and then studied architecture in Gießen. During my studies, I have already gained experience in different areas such as surveying, building inventory management, historic preservation and execution planning.

What is your role in the office of Feldmann Architekten?

I work as a construction and project manager, with a very diverse range of tasks. As a project manager I coordinate internal and external project participants - a responsible and exciting activity. As a site manager, my area of responsibility consists of planning and controlling of all construction works, which are incurred from the receipt of the building permit. In some cases, for an integral planning I am already taking up my work within the early stage of basic analysis.

The focus of my work as site manager lies in tendering and awarding of construction services as well as site management. Commercial activities such as construction calculation or auditing are of course also included.

What is your day-to-day business in the office? Are there any specific programs you use?

The state of my construction projects determines my office time. When I'm in the office, I work closely with my team. We have an open-plan office, which allows to communicate and cooperate effectively with each other. Due to my coordinative tasks, I am on the phone a lot to reconcile with the different project participants. On the PC I use standard office applications and for tenders and offer evaluation the tender program "California".

What task is your favourite, being an architect and project manager?

There is no specific task that comes to my mind. Eine bestimmte Tätigkeit gibt es da gar nicht. Above all, the variety between office work and local appointments and the versatility of tasks inspire and motivate me. In addition, personal contacts with the most diverse project participants (builders / craft businesses / specialist planner colleagues etc.) make the activity as a construction and project manager very interesting.

How did you come into contact with the term architecture or construction?

Intentionally, I did not want to study after completing high school. I planned to do an apprenticeship and then start my career right ahead. At that time my uncle lead a successful company for steel and hall construction with its own planning, calculation and construction management department. I was often allowed to accompany him on his appointments with builders an on construction sites. Since I have always been able to draw well, I decided tot rain as a draftsman. After successfully completing the training, I wanted to take over more responsibility and get to know a wider range of tasks in this field – and so I decided to study architecture.

Is there a specific characteristic of yours that has pushed you career-wise in the past?

I walk through my professional life with open eyes – it enables me to grow with each new task and to develop myself as a construction and project manager. Thinking ahead and learning from experiences are, in my opinion, two important qualities in being successful as a construction and project manager. Above that, I always pay attention to maintain a friendly tone with all internal and external project participants, because this allows common goals to be achieved more efficiently and stress-free, leaving more energy for the technical challenges.

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